Capturing the Dirt

May 2023

Up to one pound of dirt can be tracked into a high-rise building each day – that’s up to 30 lbs a month!  Most of this comes from shoes and boots as people enter from outside.  Without a system to capture this dirt, it soon destroys floors, carpets, furniture and walls.  It gets into your home where it accumulates until removed.

The cost of removing this dirt is expensive and can reach $600 for every one pound.  That’s $18,000 per month!

For high-rise communities it makes sense to invest in quality mats to capture this dirt as people enter the building.  An effective matting system costs much less than removing dirt after it spreads throughout common areas and homes.  An estimated 85 percent of this dirt can be trapped within the first 15 feet of an entrance.  Proper matting prevents dirt and soil from entering a building where it causes damage until removed.

Matting does more than capture dirt which prevents damage to finishes, furniture and homes, and simplifies cleaning.  It prevents slip and falls by scraping debris off footwear while retaining moisture, dirt and debris.  Good matting is anti-static and resistant to wear and tear.  It is resilient to cleaning chemicals, ultraviolet rays, coffee, copy machine toner, ice melt, rock salt, bleach and other harsh chemicals which are all easily cleaned without causing damage.

Quality matting is designed to deal with harsh conditions while projecting a quality image to visitors that is enhanced with regular cleaning and your building logo.  It shows that residents care about their home and strive to increase its value while helping to reduce overall cleaning costs.