Canada’s Worst Condo Building

June 2021

Prairie Heights Condo, in the Pleasant Hill neighbourhood of Saskatoon, has the dubious distinction of being Canada’s worst condo community.

There were two stabbings over one recent weekend.  Police were called to the building 410 times last year while the fire department arrived 91 times.  A previous condo board recorded 401 criminal incidents including graffiti, vandalism, break and enter, and drug-use.  All of this occurred in a 44-unit building of which 38 are rentals.

Condo owners are allowing anyone including criminals to rent their properties.  They need to do a better job at finding suitable tenants and holding them accountable for destruction they cause.

The condominium corporation can make owners accountable for damage caused by tenants.  This may require security cameras to identify problem residents.  Damage caused by residents can be repaired and condo fees increased to keep corporation finances stable.