Burglars Bypass Enterphone Security

October 2019

Technology, used properly, offers condo residents enhanced security at a reasonable cost.

Enterphones have proven to be both effective and popular in high-rise communities.  They provide residents with security and convenience.  A visitor in a building lobby calling a suite can be granted entry when the resident enters a code on their phone.  The intent is that residents only grant access to known or expected individuals.

When installed, enterphones have a default four-digit passcode that will open the door.  Upon installation this passcode should be changed so that it is only known to a limited number of individuals.  The passcode should periodically be changed to ensure security.

Enterphones with an unchanged passcode can be circumvented by individuals with access to original installation manuals or past employees.  Some default passcodes are available on the internet.

One community that failed to update its enterphone passcode was subject to a series of break-ins over a four month period.  Resident mail was stolen and vehicles broken into.

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