Breakfast as an Amenity

Amenities are intended to provide condo residents with luxuries not suitable for an individual suite and which are valued by building residents. In Toronto typical amenities may include some combination of social space, exercise room, children’s playroom, swimming pool, basketball court and social activities.

Older cultures have customs that deserve consideration as amenities for Toronto condo corporations.

A daily community breakfast is one amenity common in some countries but not in Toronto.

Rather than picking up coffee and breakfast on the run each morning or eating alone, residents can come together to an eating area and congregate. Some may choose to eat and run while others stay and socialize.

This is an excellent way for residents to begin their day and to become more familiar with their neighbours.

One unique amenity found in luxury condo buildings is an “ice room” which includes a machine that makes “snow” you can spread on your body and a “relaxation room” where you can rest after these circulatory jolts. One New York City condo building offers a swimming pool with a view of Carnegie Hall and past performances piped into the water.

Older amenities that never worked out and are no longer in vogue include business centres and meeting rooms. These never received the anticipated use and most condo buildings have since replaced them. The same applies to pet spas and small exercise spaces that were fit into tiny, hard to access or dark spaces.