Break Bad Condo Board Habits

March 2019

Much like people, condo boards can develop bad habits that are hard to break.  Even good condo boards, from time to time, need to break out of bad habits.

Liron Daniels, President of Nadlan-Harris Property Management, identifies bad habits condo boards should strive to avoid.

Conflicting Public Opinions

Condo boards can and should have disagreements.  This remains the best way to come to the best possible solutions.  Once there has been a majority vote the board should speak with a unified voice.

Whether giving direction to management, dealing with vendors or communicating with residents a condo board should speak with a single voice.  Directors voicing dissenting opinions outside of board meetings can weaken a condo board.

Failure to Vote and Record Decisions

After deliberation and decision, condo boards can neglect to have a formal vote or record decisions.  Lack of formal records, meaning undocumented actions, are not legal.  They can place any policy or financial decision at risk.

Fabricating Problems to Address

Serving as a condo director is hard enough without creating “problems” that don’t exist.  Avoid demanding new procedures or processes likely to create more problems.  That vendor who fails to perform as expected or resident who fails to abide by condo rules is more likely to be an isolated situation rather than reason to deliberate and question the way things are currently being done.