Biometrics – The next level of condo security

September 2020

When it comes to condo security, there are good reasons for the popularity of key cards and fobs.  They offer convenience, simplicity and security.  A key card or fob can open doors without the need for a physical key.  They can be deactivated when lost, stolen or abused.  Finally, there is an electronic record when each device is used.

Yet there are problems.  Key cards and fobs can be shared with those who should not have them thus compromising security.  The problem has grown with the availability of low cost copying services for these devices.

Biometrics solves this problem by linking each device, card or fob, to an individual through their fingerprint.  Only the authorized user can activate communication between the device and device reader pad that unlocks a door.  The card or fob can only be used by the individual to whom it is assigned.  Lending, borrowing or sharing of access control cards or fobs is not possible since the user’s fingerprint must match for it to work.

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