Bicycle Amenities

January 2019

Bicycles as a form of urban transportation show no signs of slowing down.

Traditional bicycles and ebikes are both growing in popularity.

Newer condo buildings are including bicycle- and ebike-related amenities that include secure storage, cleaning and repair services.  Older buildings are converting empty space to accommodate this demand.

The good news is that most Toronto condo buildings offer space for bicycle storage.  Unfortunately, this space may be limited to an unmaintained room that is dirty, lacking in proper storage racks and without security.

A more organized system of bicycle and ebike storage is attractive to the many relying on this form of transportation.  A more systematic approach to the parking of bicycles and ebikes more user-friendly and secure benefits everyone.  Residents no longer have to see dirty areas storing bicycles that may be unused or abandoned.  Cycling enthusiasts with access to safe, secure and accessible storage space have a coveted amenity.

Charging a monthly fee of even $5 per month to cover the cost of equipment, maintenance and administration would cover most costs.  More common is a monthly charge of $12 to $15.

There are benefits to charging an annual or monthly fee for bicycle storage and requiring registration of bicycles and ebikes.  It provides funds that can be used to maintain storage facilities while providing additional bicycle- and ebike-related amenities.  Non-registered cycles can periodically be removed so that space can be used by others.  Failure to pay the fee immediately frees up space that can be used by another resident.

Well maintained amenities will attract more users and allow for rules disallowing cycles to be transported in elevators and hallways.

Storage space for bicycles and ebikes come in all shapes and sizes.  Some buildings provide this space along walls of underground vehicle parking.  Other buildings utilize space available elsewhere in a building.

Bicycle and ebike racks come in various forms.  Vertical storage is most common because it allows bikes to be “hung” and results in more  walking space.  Free standing racks can be obtained for use in any size room.  Where space is even more limited two-tiered racks, where a bike can be rolled onto a rack and raised up to allow for double the number of bikes stored in a space, offers more efficient utilization of space.

Bicycle and ebike storage equipment can cost $75 -$300 per bike.