Better Choices

March 2020

The popularity of condo living means it is a good choice for the many who embrace it.

High-rise condo living is a form of community living combining personal ownership of one’s home with shared ownership of common areas.  Owners elect directors to make decisions on their behalf just as they elect politicians to govern our city, province and country.  The Condo Act establishes minimum standards to which all condominium corporations must adhere.

In return for the many benefits of condo living individuals must agree to maintain standards (rules) intended to protect all residents.  We give up rights to undertake actions likely to disturb neighbours.  We agree to make payments necessary to maintain our shared home.

The system works because benefits outweigh costs.

High-rise buildings are not single family homes

When residing in a high-rise building the impact when something goes wrong is magnified.  There are structural differences.  Walls can be narrower and utilize different material.  Plumbing and electrical systems differ.  Water leaks, noise and odours affect neighbours.  Smaller spaces make it harder to do certain types of work.  Deliveries and disposal of larger items necessitate reserved elevator access.  Restrictions intended to protect building residents may limit when work can be undertaken.  Failure to obtain management approval can result in unnecessary delays and added cost.

Major systems which include water, heating, cooling and elevators are expected to work everywhere and always.  Residents must rely on management to keep these systems operational.

Keeping everything working

Effective boards rely on condo-experienced contractors and service providers.  These are individuals and businesses experienced in high-rise and condo building work.  Paying more upfront for this experience means paying less for mistakes by those learning what they don’t know.  Condo-experienced means understanding and working within condo rules and regulations.  It means ensuring standards of quality that don’t risk your safety and that of neighbours.  When something goes wrong or a mistake is made – they do happen – condo-experienced means proper insurance which protects you from personal liability.

At one time or another, everyone living in or managing a condominium property has concerns or problems relating to condo living or management and requires information.  When this time comes, they turn to Toronto Condo News, Condo Archives and Condo Resource Guide.

Resources for high-rise and condo communities

At one time there was a shortage of independent, reliable and accessible information on condo living and management which lead to poor decision making and wasted money.  While many communities may continue to rely on information from biased and uninformed sources, we hope this occurs with less frequency given their easy access to information and vendors.

  • Toronto Condo News, our monthly magazine, is the source for current information on all aspects of condo living and management.
  • Condo Archives, our condo-focused library, organizes this information so anyone can find what is available relating to their current concern. Searching the Condo Archives for information on virtually any aspect of condo living or management provides immediate access to more than 1,000 articles.  At the bottom of each article is easy access to related articles and related products, services and vendors in Condo Resource Guide.  Click here to access Condo Archives.
  • Condo Resource Guide, our directory of vendors and service providers servicing the Toronto and GTA condo community, is updated annually. Condominium managers, condo directors and residents in need of products and services can easily find what they require. Click here to access Condo Resource Guide 2020.

Condo Resource Guide is available in convenient formats.  The traditional magazine format is easiest for viewing.  A pdf format is available to download and access on your computer, for printing, or to post on a website or internal communication system accessible to all building residents.  Condo Resource Guide eSearch is fully searchable online by category, company or keyword.

 Condo Resource Guide is Toronto’s #1 source for the Condo Professionals you need. Make it your source for products, services and expertise on anything relating to condo living and management.

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