Best and Worst Suite Locations in a Condo Building

February 2016

Identifying the best and worst locations to live in a condo building is a very personal choice. Some desire the solitude of a quiet suite. Others prefer a first or second floor suite that eliminates the need to use elevators. Yet others like to watch comings and goings in the building from their window or balcony.

We trolled Internet sites to determine the most and least desired condo suite locations in a condo building, and the reasons to avoid living in certain locations in some buildings. Of course, every building is constructed differently so not all identified concerns apply to all buildings. Also, an effective board and management can eliminate problems such as noise and bad smells which may make some suite locations less preferable in some buildings.

The best suite location is easy to identify. It is a suite at the end of a hall in a corner. It is away from elevators and trash room. There is less foot traffic and noise in the hallway. A corner suite is likely to have more windows, plenty of light and cross breezes.

The worst suite locations can vary but may include:

Near the Party Room – Suites on the same floor or directly above/below can be subject to excessive noise when the room is in use.

Near a Terrace – Outdoor activity can be disruptive when the area is in use. The area can be in use most days from May to October.

Next to the Garbage Chute – Garbage chutes can be noisy. A metal chute flap may clang when it closes and become an irritant for those residing nearby.

Next to the Elevator – Sounds from those in or waiting for an elevator, and an elevator’s mechanical parts, may travel to nearby suites.

Above Delivery Entrance – This entrance is used by contractors, delivery people, and those moving in or out of the building.

Overlooking Parking Ramp – Seeing vehicles entering and exiting a parking garage may not be a desired window view.

Overlooking Dumpsters – Dumpsters smell of garbage and are not an appealing view from windows. Smokers tend to feed their habit in this area and their smoke can travel into nearby suites.

Second Floor above Entrance – Sounds of people entering and exiting the building can travel to windows overlooking this area.

Above Basketball Court, Exercise Room – Sounds of bouncing balls or weights can travel to nearby suites.

Most of the potential poor locations in this list apply to the first few floors of a building. Smells, noise and poor views of ground level are less problematic on higher floors.