Begin Winter Preparations in the Summer

July 2016

Summer is the time to prepare for winter snow and ice clearing services. Come September most contracts have been signed and preparations have commenced for the winter period.

Pre-Winter Preparations

  • Seal coat and crack fill outdoor roadways and parking areas before winter. This will help prevent moisture from getting underneath the parking area surface and creating more serious damage.
  • Seal concrete walkways or flat areas to avoid damage from salt or sodium-chloride based products.

Have a Snow Removal Plan

  • Identify areas where snow plowing is required.
  • Identify a predetermined location to push the snow or arrange to move it off-site.
  • Identify paved surfaces that will require de-icing.
  • Be clear on when snow plowing and de-icing is to be done. Some require these services to commence when snow begins to fall. Others may require services after a specified amount of snow has fallen.

HINT: Where snow or ice on a roof is a concern, contact roofing companies for servicing this space.


  • Identify what areas are to be cleared of snow and when.
  • Identify what areas are to be de-iced and when.
  • Identify a prearranged price for contracted services.
  • Specify additional services desired and pricing.
  • Request use of non-metal shovels where there is a concern about damage.

Developing a good relationship with whoever provides winter snow and ice management services is important to having a problem-free winter season.