Before Starting Your Condo Renovation ……

January 2014

Renovations in a condo unit are different than similar work in a house. Care must be taken to ensure compliance with your building’s rules which are designed to prevent other residents from being inconvenienced by noise, poor workmanship, mistakes and/or debris.

Always check with your management office before commencing in-unit alterations.

Major renovations may first need to be approved by the Board of your building. There may also be other documents to sign to protect the corporation against damage to common elements.

Be sure that all work is undertaken by qualified and licensed tradespersons. Renovating a condominium is not for do-it-yourself-ers. Individuals should have experience working in condominiums and be properly insured. Mistakes can affect many residents and be very costly to rectify.

Keep in mind that work typically cannot be undertaken on weekends or evenings as it disrupts other residents.

Don’t take shortcuts. Not doing things properly can have severe consequences. The Board of your building can require unauthorized alternations to be removed. Building management can deny access to contractors who disturb other residents, who damage common elements or who cause unnecessary disruption such as dust, dirt or debris in common areas.