Bedbugs Result in Destruction of Two Condo Buildings

April 2017

Areas of Detroit are infested with bedbugs.

Condo residents are resorting to home-made remedies to combat the infestation. One common remedy residents employ is to pour alcohol over furniture, appliances, counters and themselves.

This resulted in a fire in one 48-unit complex. The roof caved in and most of the building was destroyed by fire and water damage. Five people were taken to a hospital.

In another building one individual was so overwhelmed by bedbugs that he doused himself and his sofa with alcohol. He then lit a cigarette and attempted to burn a bedbug on the sofa. The sofa caught fire and the individual was badly burned. Four suites were destroyed by fire and another two dozen damaged by water.

For more information on bedbugs, see the Condo Archives – Condo Building Management, subheading Pest Control.

For assistance dealing with bedbugs Condo Resource Guide can help. Look under Pest Control.


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