Be Thankful

November 2022

Toronto Condo News, which publishes at the beginning of each month, tends not to comment about holidays such as Thanksgiving that occur mid-month.  We hope that those who have the luxury or living in a condominium in Canada took some time to consider how lucky they are.

There is much to be thankful for.

Canada is a safe country with a great lifestyle and high standard of living.  It is not China, North Korea or Russia where people have to be worried about imprisonment over what they say.  Crazies that threaten or disrespect our elected leaders and government do so without fear of retribution.  We don’t worry about being attacked by an invading army or the police, or being threatened with a gun.  While we have much to worry about, these are mostly first-world problems.  Our economic system, despite whatever flaws exist, works well.  Virtually anyone who wants a job can find one.  We live in a tolerant society despite what some extremists claim.

Condominium living is yet another benefit of living in Canada and our society.  While it may be that many condominium corporations are poorly managed, it is by those we choose to elect.  This is the very nature of a democracy.  We benefit from the many amenities unavailable to most, reduced living costs, and someone else making sure heating, cooling and water are working to our satisfaction.  As with society in Canada, there is much that can be improved on.  Our individual communities require tweaking of a system that works exceptionally well.

It is surprising how many complain without realizing how much they have.  Most have far less.

This past Thanksgiving was a time to consider all we have.