Be a Good Condo Neighbour – Part 2

December 2019

Following a few simple tips helps everyone keep a clean and safe home.

  • Stop at all stop signs in garages and parking areas.  Check mirrors to see around corners before proceeding.
  • Bag organic composting and garbage to avoid dripping on carpets and floors.
  • Break down empty boxes and place in proper area.
  • Notify security of burned-out lights and doors that do not close.
  • Pick up tissue and small items that have fallen.
  • When something spills in common areas immediately inform the concierge or management office so it can be dealt with before permanent damage or injury occurs.
  • When using library books replace them as requested so they are easily found and available for the next person.
  • Return hand trucks and trollies immediately after use so they are available for the next person that needs them.

Thank you for being a good neighbour!