BBQing on Condo Balconies

May 2019

Summer is BBQ season.  Each year condo management must deal with questions about using a BBQ on condo balconies.

Rules vary from one condo building to another.

Toronto Laws

Toronto has no by-laws that prohibit use of BBQs on balconies.

Provincial Laws

Many BBQs require propane as a fuel.  Propane is regulated by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA).  Regulations require an individual to be alone when transporting a propane tank on an elevator.  Additional requirements control how a propane tank is to be located or stored.

Condo Governing Documents

Condo corporations can prohibit BBQs on balconies.  Limitations relating to BBQ use can be found in the corporation’s declaration or rules.  Reasons for prohibiting BBQs on balconies can include safety of residents, or unreasonable interference with the use and enjoyment of common elements or suites.  Balcony BBQing can be deemed a safety issue or disturbance.


Some condo corporations may allow electric BBQs.  Some may have a natural gas connection on the balcony that can be used to fuel a BBQ.  Some communities prohibit use of all forms of BBQ on a balcony.  Insurance requirements may influence which direction a condo corporation takes with regard to BBQing.