Basic Tools for the High-Rise Home

January 2024

Every home should be equipped with a few basic tools for handling those small jobs that don’t require a professional.  A small toolbox with a tape measure, utility knife, claw hammer, multibit screwdriver, level, crescent wrenches, hex or Allen keys, and a collection of screws and nails should be sufficient for most small jobs around the home.

Turning off the water is important when leaving home for a number of days and essential when there is a water leak.  Turning it off within minutes is the difference between an inconvenience and possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.  Know where the water shut-off is located and how to turn it off.  This may require a custom key or wrench that should readily accessible.

A battery-powered drill, plus a selection of bits for drilling and screwing, is handy for projects of all types including putting together furniture.  The basic models found in most stores are adequate for most purposes.

A step ladder or step stool is more than just a convenience.  Using a chair to reach inaccessible or difficult-to-reach areas is the cause of many injuries.  When using a ladder, never go beyond its recommended top step.

Every home should have a fire extinguisher near the kitchen which is where most home fires start.  Be sure it is an ABC-rated unit for use on all fire types.