Balcony Maintenance

May 2017

For condo owners fortunate enough to have an outdoor balcony, this exclusive use common area can be a dramatic lifestyle enhancement. It also comes with added responsibility.

An outdoor balcony is a place to relax and enjoy. It may include outdoor seating and a table for eating. There may be an outdoor grill,  flowers or gardens, or comfortable outdoor flooring.

Balconies, like buildings, are constructed with some combination of concrete, steel, glass or wood. These outdoor spaces need to be maintained so they remain safe. Signs of deterioration, when  noted, should be reported to building management. This includes cracks, corrosion, rust, discolouration or salt stains, protruding metal or damaged glass.

Some of these visual indicators may be a sign of more serious problems beneath the surface.

Residents should not undertake repairs on balconies. Quick fixes such as covering cracks or rust with sealers, or tile, are unlikely to solve an underlying problem. Worse, they could trap moisture which can cause more extensive problems.

Once brought to the attention of condo management, the condo board or  management will decide on any course of action. They will decide if, or when, it is appropriate to bring in experts to assess the situation and possibly undertake repairs.