Automated Vehicle Access

December 2022

Automated vehicle access is one of many smart technologies designed to make life easier.  It offers convenience to those parking vehicles, enhanced security for the community and requires minimal effort for management.

Automated vehicle access does not require use of a fob or contacting security to obtain access to a parking area.  It relies on automated license plate recognition (ALPR) which allows pre-approved resident and visitor vehicles to access parking facilities.  A camera reads the license plate at the garage entrance.  The camera is connected to software that matches the license plate number to those with approved access.  Resident vehicles are pre-authorized with a digital parking permit for repeat access.  Guests receive one-time or limited access with a limited use digital parking permit.

When a vehicle approaches the camera its license plate is detected and read.  Gates or garage doors automatically open.  They remain closed and secure when an approaching vehicle does not have a digital parking permit.  The system detects tailgating vehicles and blacklists them from entering.  Features include the ability to blacklist specific vehicles and real-time parking data analytics.

Systems can operate on the cloud, or on local computer systems integrating with condo management software or other internal resident records.