Aroma Therapy

November 2022

Scents improve the atmosphere in common areas and amenity spaces.

Scents can help relax residents after a hard day of work or who are stressed out; cover up hallway smells from cooking, tobacco or other odours; and hide smells from a trash room or chute.

Scents help improve the mood of residents and allow for better enjoyment of their home.

From scented candle jars to automatic, wall-mounted diffusers programmed to emit a puff of fragrance at fixed intervals, scents add a pleasant smell to any lobby, hallway or other public space.  They can project an image of cleanliness, freshness and calm.

Scents don’t have to be strong or even noticeable. Many are barely discernible. Evergreen is a popular winter scent common in hotels.  Lavender elicits calm.  Scents can be changed throughout the year or for special occasions.

Used effectively, scents offer an inexpensive and effective way to improve common areas.