Are You an Annoying Condo Neighbour

April 2016

Condo neighbours can be friendly and helpful. They can also, at times, be annoying.

Here are six things to keep in mind to avoid becoming an annoying condo neighbour.

Unnecessary Noise

Noise is the most common complaint in condo buildings. Obvious noises are screaming, yelling and loud music. In condo buildings shared walls, floors and ceilings help noise travel. Banging and moving furniture can be heard floors and doors away. Condo corporations often have rules about when to avoid creating noise that can disrupt neighbours. Condo rules can provide guidance about floor coverings to prevent your household noise from migrating to other suites.

In one extreme situation, a woman set up speakers facing down on the floor in an apparent attempt to annoy neighbours. Speakers were connected to a tablet playing on a loop. It was activated by a smartphone when she was not in the suite. The woman was charged with aggravated stalking.

Follow condo rules about noise. Avoid construction and loud noise during evening hours.

Ignoring the Needs of your Pet(s)

Pets that bark, yowl or howl are not good condo neighbours. This often happens when pets are lonely. If you are not often home and have a pet, please consider your neighbours.

Open Doors

Nobody wants to see inside your condo suite. They also do not want to be exposed to odours or noise from within your suite. Open doors work around natural building barriers created to keep odours and sound from your suite in your suite. They also circumvent safety measures designed to protect against fire.

Each false fire alarm resulting from an unnecessarily open door in Toronto can cost your condo corporation more than $1,200. This fee may be charged back to the condo owner.

An open door is unsightly, a nuisance and potentially costly to your neighbours. Please keep your door closed.

Wi-Fi (Internet) Security

Unprotected Wi-Fi is a nuisance. While most focus on the need to protect against unauthorized access to computers, there are other risks to consider. Unsecure Wi-Fi allows children to work around parental restrictions on Internet use and access inappropriate web sites by tapping into nearby unsecure networks.

Secure your Internet access with a password.

Parking Area Disrespect

Underground parking in Toronto is a condo necessity. These roadways tend to be narrow with tight turns and poor visibility making them difficult to navigate. Residents who fail to respect right of way or ignore signage are a danger.

Be aware of your neighbours when driving through the parking area and follow posted signs.

Balcony Abuse

For many a balcony is perceived as personal outdoor space. Some balconies look like they belong on the program Hoarders.

Old, broken or abandoned furniture may be stored on a balcony along with boxes, clothing or appliances. Besides being unsightly, these areas can become home to insects and pests that can migrate indoors and infect neighbouring suites.

Your neighbours, and those in neighbouring buildings, can see these unsightly messes each day. They detract from the value of your building and deter those who may want to move there.

Balconies are often exclusive use common areas maintained by the condo corporation. Maintaining this area in a clean and proper state is important to your neighbours.