Apathetic Directors Need Not Serve

January 2022

Serving as a condo board director is not a full-time role.  It does require directors to be present at board meetings.  Failing to attend meetings or otherwise be unavailable to govern is not in anyone’s interest.  This includes snowbirds and those away from home a considerable part of the year, and others who are unavailable.

Being away periodically on vacation or business is to be expected.  We all have situations that arise which require our involvement.  However, frequent absences from condo board meetings hurts the corporation.  If unable to serve effectively it is better to resign and allow someone else willing to devote the time to be appointed.

Directors that fail to review material prior to a meeting, don’t attend meetings and fail to vote are among the most difficult board problems to resolve.  Such individuals demonstrate a lack of commitment, concern and interest.  They are unavailable to share in the workload of managing the corporation.  When failure to attend meetings results in a lack of quorum the entire board is immobilized.

Business must continue each and every month.  Any board failing to meet monthly, regardless of season, is unable to keep up with the demands of their role.  The condominium manager will take most of the blame as delaying board decisions for months at a time limits their ability to manage, and be responsive to residents and current situations.

Any director unable to attend 30 percent of meetings is likely not fulfilling their commitment.  Some associations in the U.S. have this stipulation in their documents and will kick you off the board if more than 30 percent of meetings are missed.

Serving as a condo director is a commitment.  Your community needs your participation, preferably in person but otherwise remotely by phone, Skype or a similarly accessible technology.