Adult Only Buildings – Letter to the Editor

January 2022

I would like to move to an Adult Only building or one that doesn’t allow renters.  How do I identify such buildings?


S. S.


Response from Toronto Condo News

There are many reasons for one to want to reside in an Adult Only or 55+ building.  Seniors, or adults of any age, may desire to reside in a quieter community comprised of those their own age, or which offers amenities or services conducive to their interests.

There are no Adult Only buildings in Ontario – or Canada.  Age restrictions are prohibited in condo and high-rise buildings throughout Ontario.  While some disagree with this approach, prohibiting age restrictions makes it easier for families to obtain accommodation which could otherwise be denied to them.  Once some arbitrary restrictions are allowed, these may be extended to restrict residency based on race, religion or other criteria.

For more information see Adult Only Condos ( in the Condo Archives.

So far as we know, there is no such thing as a condominium building that does not allow renters.  Developers are unlikely to include this restriction in the declaration when selling units for fear it would discourage some buyers and reduce selling price.  Among those residing in a building, attempting to revise such a declaration is difficult since it imposes restrictions many consider undesirable.  Such a revision is unlikely to receive sufficient owner support for its implementation.


There are buildings that do not allow short-term rentals but no simple way to identify them.

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