Action or Overreaction

September 2018

When dealing with one’s home trivial issues can appear important.

Windows that need to be cleaned, dirty carpets, poor landscaping and window coverings can all become important issues for some.  An upset owner seeking action may send an “important” message to the board making their concern appear more urgent than it is.  They may demand special treatment, an exception to a condo rule or a change in rules.  They may threaten legal action if their concern is not quickly rectified.

More often than not these issues are neither important nor urgent.

A good board member can separate trivial from important while treating owners with respect.  Condo boards should identify which issues are sufficiently important or urgent to necessitate action.  The remainder can be left with the condominium manager to address in accordance with current condo policy and rules.

A condo board is likely to take action under the following circumstances;

  • Damage, such as a leaking water pipe, that affects common areas or condo suites other than a suite that may be the source of a leak.
  • Something that may cause damage to or affect other suites or common areas. Examples include a crack in a wall, bad odours, mould, pest infestation or excessive noise.
  • An allegation of theft, abuse or assault that involves the police.
  • Legal action is threatened. Threats of legal action are likely to be sent to legal counsel so all are prepared in the event a matter escalates.