Accessible Parking Spaces – Letter to the Editor

February 2021

I require temporary disabled parking space.  The only space available and designated disabled is very far from elevator access.

I am unable to walk far and it doesn’t make sense that this is the only available space.  Is this permissible?


Response from Toronto Condo News

There is no simple response to your query.  Much depends on the age and current state of your building.  The location of accessible parking in your building, while not as convenient as hoped, may be in compliance based on how the building was constructed.

In communities where a large number of residents require access to disabled parking spaces, it may not always be possible to accommodate everyone.  Since new condo buildings may not have need of disabled parking when first built, these spaces may be made available to any purchaser with a provision stating that, should a disabled individual require the space, the owner may be required to exchange their space for another.

Another consideration is that older buildings complying with requirements when built may not be in compliance with current requirements, and may not be required to be in compliance.

Accessible parking space requirements are determined by the City of Toronto.  Accessible parking spaces must be located closest to a barrier free a) entrance to a building; b) passenger elevator that provides access to the first storey of the building; and c) shortest route from the required entrances in (a) and (b).

A new building is required to comply with minimum parking requirements to accommodate disabled people.

For more information see Disabled Parking Space Confusion in the Condo Archives.

Click here to access parking space regulations for Toronto.