A Communication Solution for Condominiums – Condominium Management Software

March 2014

Maintaining effective communication between condo owners, management and the board can be a challenge. Boards and management feel they are communicative yet owners often disagree. Then there are budgetary and time constraints on condo boards and management. Given the scarcity of time, people and resources available, how does condo management become more effective at communications?

At one time, both web sites and e-mail were thought to be a solution to these communication challenges. We have learned through experience that these electronic communication methods have their own limitations and do not solve the problem.

Today, technology does provide a solution to this dilemma.

Condominium management software offers a solution that is economical, efficient and practical. It can have a dramatic positive impact on overall lifestyle, communications, building upkeep and security. Properly used, condominium management software can reduce administration costs while freeing up staff for other tasks.

Condominium management software can replace a web site, e-mail communications and most paper records. It provides owners and renters with enhanced communications, improved security, electronic submission of service requests and comprehensive record keeping. It can result in better service to owners and reduce administration thereby allowing management to dedicate more time to quality of life issues.

Condominium management software allows management to grant access to the condo site for each resident and owner. Each has a password that provides access to a personal dashboard containing information for owners and residents. Condo management software also delivers unit specific information, such as a response to a service request or inquiry, directly to this dashboard.

Some claim that a technology solution to improving communications is not appropriate for an older population. The basic argument is that technology for communications is not suitable for seniors and that it is younger condominium owners who are more “computer savvy.” Older condominium owners are assumed to be more reluctant to rely on their computer for communications and information. These individuals have less access to computers and the Internet, and are less comfortable working with them. The reality is that none of this is supported by fact or practice. Computer and Internet use among seniors is quite high. Many rely on the Internet as their primary means of information, communication and socialization. A technology solution that makes life easier for condominium owners and provides enhanced services is likely to be viewed as most valuable by older condominium owners.

This communication solution is currently in use by condominium complexes in the Toronto area, throughout Canada and the USA. This software supports proposed Condo Act Recommendations for improving condo community communications.