Energy Services - Efficiency

Clean Cut Energy

17-370 Stone Road West

Guelph, ON N1G 4T4

Telephone: (226)780-0284

Comsatec Inc.

365 Parkside Dr.

Toronto, ON M6R 2Z5

Telephone: (416)620-7055

Comsatec helps condo corporations reduce their energy costs. We are a reseller of natural gas to large buildings. We also provide metering and reporting services for electricity and natural gas.

Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems

861 Redwood Square

Oakville, ON L6L 6N2

Telephone: (905)827-4477

Intell Lighting Inc.

20 Harrison Garden Blvd.

Toronto, ON M2N 7K9

Telephone: (416)568-0828

Mooney Solutions Inc.

340 King St. E, 2nd Floor

Toronto, ON M5A 1K8

Telephone: (416)277-6748

Provident Energy Management

100 Supertest Rd.

Toronto, ON M3J 2M2

Telephone: (416)736-0630

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited

14 Carlton Street

Toronto, ON M5B 1K5

Telephone: (416)542-3046

Wyse Meter Solutions Inc.

2100 Matheson Blvd. East, Suite 201

Mississauga, ON L4W 5E1

Telephone: (416)709-0079

Wyse is the 29th Fastest-Growing Company in Canada. We are market leaders in submetering & utility expense management programs for condominiums. We submeter electricity, water, gas & thermal (Btu).