2017 December

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  • Shared Cost Dilemma
  • Condominium Manager Licensing – Everything you need to know
  • Condos, Co-ops and Co-ownership
  • Second Hand Smoke a First Class Problem
  • Is your Elevator Working Properly
  • Catering to Dog Lovers
  • Is your Home making you Sick
  • Condo Fines – Why they are not allowed
  • Condo Corporation Embezzlement – Who is responsible
  • Airbnb Home Design
  • Holiday Tipping
  • New Rental Housing competes with Condos
  • Chillers and Boilers
  • Protect Against Condo Vendor Mistakes
  • Toronto Studying Short-Term Rentals
  • Future Condo Management Skills needed Now
  • Condo Boards can Work Smarter
  • Millennials Transforming Condo Living
  • Passing Bylaws
  • Director Disclosures – New Requirement

2017 November

  • Condo Authority Tribunal; the tribunal is now operational. What can condo owners, directors and managers expect.
  • Hiring the Right Condo Corporation Lawyer; we offer a checklist of desirable criteria and considerations for identifying the right individual and obtaining the required skills.
  • Cost of Delayed Maintenance – Special Assessments of $40,000 to $80,000 per suite
  • Special Assessments or Reserve Fund

2017 October

  • Condo Budget Surplus; Every condo corporation has them. How to best use them.
  • Reserve Fund Math, Special Assessments and Status Certificates; Liability and cost of an incorrect Status Certificate
  • Smoking Policy Reflecting Medical Marijuana
  • Special Assessment vs. Condo Loans

2017 September

  • 0% Condo Fee Increase; The cost of achieving a 0% condo fee increase for one condo corporation
  • Aging in Place; Condo living changes what is needed to help people live in their home
  • Are Gifts to Directors Bribes
  • Term Limits for Condo Directors

2017 August

  • Investigation into Condo Board Elections; Condo election fraud is avoidable
  • What Lawyers want Condo Boards to Know; Not-so-secret tips for working with lawyers
  • Condo Management Lessons from Goodwill; How not to manage a non-profit condo corporation
  • Condo Smoking Wars; Understanding both perspectives

2017 July

  • Feeding the Pigeons; Pigeons damage buildings and resident relations
  • Accessibility Requirements for Condo Buildings; Intended for safety, they make a condo more marketable and increase sales
  • Managing In-Suite Renovations; “When owning a condo, renovations require a different approach to avoid complications”
  • Special Assessment or Borrow for Needed Funds; Alternatives to special assessments

2017 June

  • Condo Rent Controls; “The most likely impact will be on the election and composition of condo boards.”
  • Broken Elevators at Crisis Point; “A shortage of trained elevator technicians means that elevators are out of service for extended periods of time while waiting for what can be the simplest of repairs.”
  • Property Management Companies must Remain Competitive; “Property management firms are expected to handle everything that comes at them”
  • Reaching a State of Crisis – Could you handle a $30,000 Special Assessment

2017 May

  • The Condo Tax is Here; “… condo owners will soon be required to pay a monthly tax so that the government can provide this better education.”
  • Spring Cleaning for Condominium Corporations; More than a general tidying up is needed to keep condo corporations running smoothly
  • Preventative Maintenance Checklist; Ten condo vendors team up to provide a comprehensive list
  • Reaching a State of Crisis – Could you handle a $30,000 Special Assessment

2017 April

  • Condo Fees too low for 90% of Condo Corporations; Ontario has no rules to determine if condo fees are adequate
  • The Unreal World of Condo Living; ” … revolving door of directors making impractical promises is an ineffective way to manage”
  • The Danger of Free Legal Advice

2017 March

  • Condo Corporation Management – Harder than it seems
  • Licensing Condominium Managers