Robotic Security Guards

February 2018

Advancements in artificial intelligence may soon make their way to condo communities.

Drones are starting to be used as a more effective way to evaluate the outside of high-rise towers and identify problems.  Self-driving cars may soon be available for commuting.

Perhaps the greatest impact on condo communities may come from robotic condo security guards.  This technology is maturing and currently being tested.

Condo security for a single building requires three to six guards in addition to other security measures including cameras.  All told, condo security can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for a single building.  Robotic security guards offer a way to improve security without adding to this expense.

Night security is one area where robotic security guards may be effective.  Security guards working a night shift have little contact with people and, frequently, little to do.  Alertness can be a challenge.  A robotic guard equipped with sensors of various types may prove be more effective during these periods.

One company currently offers robotic security guards that incorporate multiple high-definition cameras, microphones, temperature sensors and more.  These cameras, sensors and microphones transmit live data to human operators in a remote location.  These robots may be capable of identifying problems more quickly than their human counterparts.  When problems are identified, remote operators would contact someone just as security guards do.  Renting these robots can cost as little as $7 per hour.

The technology has not yet been perfected so we are unlikely to see robotic security guards in condo buildings for at least a few years.

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