Great Condo Board Members

March 2018

A condo board is only as good as the individuals who serve on it.

Condo boards are comprised of individuals of varied shapes, sizes and personalities. Some are well suited to serving on a condo board and representing condo owners. Some may be good but lacking in certain skills or mindset. Yet other board members may be causing harm to your condo corporation.


Good Condo Board Members

  • Have read and understand bylaws and rules of the condo corporation
  • Relatively current on many, possibly most, topics discussed at board meetings
  • Have formulated opinions prior to board meetings while remaining open to new information
  • Listen to owners
  • Polite and respectful when speaking with owners, management and other board members
  • Undertake research in advance of board meetings and voting
  • Understand the role of “consultants” and consider provided opinions in light of other information
  • Willingly take on projects for the betterment of the condo community
  • Develop opinions and votes based on best available information
  • Not swayed by opinion and unsubstantiated conjecture

Good board members strive to improve and find a way to move forward. They work with other board members to gather information and support initiatives in the best interest of a majority of condo owners while recognizing that some will nearly always be dissatisfied.

Great Board Members

Great board members possess the same attributes as good board members.

Where they may differ is in their approach and willingness to put in more time on behalf of the condo corporation.

  • Take ownership of issues
  • Do not dominate discussions
  • Encourage other board members and owners to get involved
  • Encourage active committees as a means of getting work done and obtaining information
  • Develop new ideas and ways to improve the condo corporation; leads in moving forward
  • Actively solicit owner input
  • Engage other board members and works to improve the effectiveness of bad board members
  • Confront bad board members to keep the entire board on track

Bad Condo Board Members

Bad board members need to be aggressively managed by other board members. Ignoring a bad situation allows a board to become ineffective or possibly toxic. While easier said than done, bad board members need to be encouraged to improve or resign.

  • Do not understand the condo corporation’s bylaws or rules
  • Do not read important documents such as financials, reserve fund study, bids or management reports
  • Indicate dissatisfaction without suggesting a practical path for improvement
  • When dissatisfied, fail to identify how satisfaction can be achieved
  • Do not acknowledge or consider owner input
  • Disrespectful or rude to other board members, management and residents
  • Seek to achieve personal status or gain through their participation as a board member
  • No consideration of ethics or fairness during discussions or votes