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Welcome to Toronto. We are the condo capital of Canada. Over 50% of all Toronto residents reside in condos.  If you want to reach the condo community – condo owners, renters, board members and also condo management including condominium managers – Toronto Condo News is the place to advertise.

Toronto Condo News is what condo dwellers are reading. This free monthly magazine is distributed to condo residents, boards and management in more than 1,500 condo buildings throughout Toronto. We offer opportunities for placement of advertising in the magazine, article submissions and article mentions.

Condo Archives is a condo-focused library providing access to condo related articles. There are advertising opportunities for placement of advertising by product category.

Condo Resource Guide is Toronto’s #1 source for the Condo Professionals you need! This annual directory of vendors for the Toronto condo community is available in guide and electronic formats. There are opportunities for placement of listings and advertisements throughout both versions of Condo Resource Guide.

Condo Resource Guide 2025

Condo Resource Guide is Toronto’s #1 source for the Condo Professionals you need!

Condo Resource Guide 2025 renewal and new placement information is now available.

The deadline for being in Condo Resource Guide 2025 is October 31, 2024.

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What our advertisers say about us:

"Last month was the first time we advertised in Toronto Condo News. We received our first call days after the ad appeared. Advertising in Toronto Condo News delivers results for us!"

Condominium Insurance Solutions

"I specifically asked the property manager how he had located us and he said in the new online edition of Toronto Condo News. We have spent so much on advertising in the past, never to receive such a quick response. We appreciate how efficiently and diligently you worked with us to ensure our placement and look forward to a long and continuing relationship with your publication."

ADM Design Incorporated

"LEaC Shield has found Toronto Condo News to be a proven way to reach new customers and educate existing clients.  The number of new customers we have obtained has exceeded our expectations!"

James Lorenzen, President
LEaC Shield Limited

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